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McFelder Translations understands the challenges that clients face when they require their business documentation to be translated. We take the challenge out of the equation and meet all your individual requirements by using the best translation and localisation expertise available. For each project, we offer a bespoke solution, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on achieving your business objectives.

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We work with leading international companies and public sector organisations as well as companies in highly-specialised niche markets. We have become their trusted partner delivering all types of translation project, from single page letters to complex manuals with versions in multiple languages. Over the years we have successfully translated millions of words, helping our clients communicate effectively.

We project manage every translation project from start to finish. This way, we have full control over the entire process and are able to guarantee the highest quality in all our services. Our clients trust us with all their multilingual global communication needs because our efficient Project Management ensures that every job is completed on time and within budget. Our success is also the direct result of the implementation of our stringent Quality Management system, which enables us to deliver a consistently high quality service, regardless of a project’s size and deadline.

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McFelder gives you solutions

Compelling communications are a must for any business and McFelder Translations has a track record of delivering intelligent language solutions to clients across the world. Read how McFelder supports its clients and the impact that having communications translated can have on a business.

  • Formula clicks for chemicals
    Specialist chemicals are a key to the work of many academics, researchers, product designers and manufacturers. For Alfa Aesar, a leading manufacturer and supplier of research chemicals, metals and materials, the Internet offers unlimited international reach with its catalogue containing over 33,000 products accessible on line. A global website in seven languages was developed.
  • Signed, sealed and delivered
    Every day millions of items are shipped – by road, rail, air and water – around the world. It takes a powerful logistics tool like LBASE from Imtech ICT Logistics Software to manage those shipments, many of which pass through several countries. Having the user interface, operator instructions, on-line help centre, business reports and documentation translated into local languages makes LBASE a truly international solution.
  • Taking a bite of the market
    Keeping our teeth looking good calls on some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world. In the field of dental implants, dentists require precision tools and materials. With hundreds of models of dental implants on the market, if you are one of the manufacturers it is vital all the professionals know about your products. For Avinent, a Spanish implant manufacturer, with an innovative product, it means having its literature translated into English.
  • Finding the right reaction
    Catalysts are used across a range of manufacturing processes in the fields of pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, fine chemicals and nutrition. The highly specialised precious metal and enzyme based catalysts of the Catalysis & Chiral Technologies (CCT) business unit of Johnson Matthey Catalysts are a global commodity. With Germany identified as a growth market, a German website was required.
  • Gearing up internationally
    Gear systems are a universal commodity: conveyors the world over need them. One of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of gear systems is Radicon Transmission UK. The gears the company makes can end up anywhere in the world therefore multilingual manuals are a key element of Radicon’s customer service.
  • Making exports child’s play
    Some of the most innovative children’s play equipment is made by Sutcliffe Play in northern England and exported across the world. It is designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards and documentation accompanies each piece of equipment for international sales, this documentation often needs translating into the local language of its destination.
  • Howden switches on to global power
    Supplying highly specialised fans and air and gas-handling equipment to industrial customers across the world is what Howden has excelled at for more than a century. Its customers have always been its focus, so translating its website into several languages was a obvious way to make sure its customers never feel isolated.
  • A positive diagnosis for Operon
    Operon, with over forty years of experience, has successfully established itself as one of the leading companies in the in-vitro diagnostic subsector. One of the key factors in ensuring the success of the company’s export activities is being able to rely on a good translation service.